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   Security Tips
   Important Reminders on Online Trading Security
  1. ABCI Securities Company Limited NEVER sends e-mail that asks you to provide your account number,password or any personal information or verify your account online.
  2. You are reminded NOT to access your online trading service through hyperlinks embedded in any e-mail or Internet search engines.
  3. Avoid using computers shared with others to login.If must,please remember to clear the website address records when you finish online trading service session.
  4. When you finished using online trading service,please logout before you leave.
  5. Install firewall and virus detection software on your computer and update them regularly to protect your computer against virus and hackers.
   Safeguard your passwords
  1. You must not disclose your account number and password to anyone else.
  2. You must avoid using easy-to-guess password such as your birthday,phone number or personally related numbers.
  3. Change your password frequently.If you suspect someone may know your password,change your password immediately.
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